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Art Roche launched the Art for Kids book series in 2010. His Art for Kids: Comic Strips gives young artists everything they need to begin writing and drawing their own comics. Art for Kids: Cartooning starts with the basics of cartooning, offering a foundation that allows the young cartoonist to develop their own style.


“My 10-yr-old is already a comic book connoisseur, and when she tried to make her own comics, something just wasn’t quite right. This product was a boon to her drawing techniques, and a huge boost to her creativity.” – P.J. Mullins

“I liked this book so much I bought a couple to donate to my local schools. They’re not kidding when they say ‘start to finish,’ they do show you step-by-step.” – Mark T

Cartooning book covr

“Art Roche makes anyone from 4 to 84 want to pick up a pencil and have fun! Great gift for any kid or kid at heart.” – J. Kukla

 “My daughter absolutely loves this book and it improved her cartoons right away! I like the variety of different possible features presented. This is a beautiful, very well done book.” – Christine Mitchell